Incense of the 7 chakras

Range of incenses specially designed to fit the 7 chakras. These natural incenses in grains will allow you to realize a targeted work on each chakra according to what you wish to work and develop.

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Characteristics of the 7 Chakras Incenses:

  • Natural incenses in high quality grains
  • Range of incenses corresponding to the 7 chakras
  • Each incense is designed to harmonize a particular chakra
  • 50 mL bottle with cork stopper

Incense 7 Chakras:

1st CHAKRA : Root
For a connection to the earth and to improve our grounding. Helps to move forward with confidence in the flow of life. Helps to fight against fear of change, insecurity and lack of energy.
Contents: Amber, tragacanth, dragon's blood, marshmallow

2nd CHAKRA: Sacred
Brings creative energy, vitality and sensuality. Combats chronic fatigue, apathy and mood swings.
Content: Benzoin, power wood, orange peel, sandalwood

3rd CHAKRA : Solar Plexus
Strengthens willpower and confidence. The solar plexus represents our inner center, the power of discernment between the wisdom of the soul and conditioning. In case of imbalances, we can be tormented by self-doubt.
Content: Cardamom, ginger, pine resin, olibanum

4th CHAKRA : Heart
To promote pure love and compassion within us. Helps to connect with nature and creation. When the heart chakra is out of balance, this can lead to withdrawal, bitterness, or fears about emotional aspects.
Contains: benzoin, Marian herb, styrax, hawthorn, rose petals

5th CHAKRA: Throat
Promotes harmony between the heart and the mind. Helps us to communicate honestly with ourselves and others. When the throat chakra is out of balance, we tend to be shy or too talkative.
Contains: Copal Congo, sage, olibanum, cornflower, cloves

6th CHAKRA : 3rd Eye
To strengthen our intuition, clarity of mind and allows us to open up to higher dimensions. If the 3rd eye chakra is out of balance, we can be sensitive to manipulation and lack discernment.
Contains: star anise, dammar, mastic, nutmeg, cocoa, laurel

7th CHAKRA : Crown
Allows us to gain perspective on our lives, to strengthen our wisdom and serenity. The crown chakra is the gateway to the higher self to connect to cosmic forces.
Contains: Palo Santo, Dammar, rose petals, sandalwood, styrax

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