Feng Shui crystals

The crystal in Feng Shui brings a beautiful energy in a house.

In front of a window, feng shui crystals shine and project beams of light thanks to all their facets.

Feng Shui crystal with a hole for easy hanging. The feng shui crystals are sold without wire.

Size to choose in option: 20 / 30 / 40 /50 mm

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Crystals in Feng Shui have an important role and are believed to have several interesting properties:

  • Crystals can activate and stimulatestagnant energy areas such as rooms with little or no light or in the corners of your apartment or house. You can therefore hang or install feng shui crystals in these precise places.

  • Crystals are also used in Feng Shui to slow down an aggressive energy (you can remember the image of an arrow coming at you; we call this aggression a Sha Qi (pronounced "Cha Chi"). You can therefore install feng shui crystals in a corridor, a staircase, a badly placed door (in a room for example) or near a window.

  • The crystal also has the property to store negative energies around it. Crystals therefore have a role of protection and purification of living spaces.

    Here are some examples of how to use feng shui crystals in your apartment or house:

    Use of crystals in feng shui

    Room less than 5 m2

    1 crystal of 30 mm

    Room between 5 and 10 m2

    1 crystal of 40 mm or 1 crystal of 50 mm

    Room between 10 and 20 m2

    2 crystals of 40 mm or 3 crystals of 30 mm

    Room between 20 and 30 m2

    3 crystals of 40 mm or 2 crystals of 50 mm

    Room larger than 30 m2

    4 crystals of 40 mm or 3 crystals of 50 mm


    3 crystals of 30 mm or 2 crystals of 50 mm


    2 crystals of 40 mm

    To choose your feng shui crystals, we recommend that you take into account the surface area of the room. Indeed, the larger the room, the larger the size of the crystal. It is important to keep a harmony between the crystals and the energy to be energized.

    When the sunlight acts on the crystals, the energy of the crystals is released for a beautiful energy in the room. The different facets of the crystals break down the light like a prism according to the colors of the rainbow. Each of the 7 colors of the rainbow can be associated with an energy, a chakra of our body or an emotion. Crystals in feng shui are therefore real gifts for us and our interior.

    Only "real" glass crystal has a beneficial role in Feng Shui; plastic feng shui crystals will have no effect. The quality and purity of a crystal is directly related to its composition. The amount of lead oxide present will ensure a beautiful shine to the crystals. The feng shui crystals we offer in the online store have some of the best qualities on the market.

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