Tibetan singing bowl

Tibetan singing bowl handmade. Beautiful range of Tibetan singing bowls from 11 to 28 cm in diameter made of special alloy of 7 metals for an exceptional sound.

Range of Tibetan singing bowls for a personalized use. Singing bowls to relax you during your meditation sessions, Tibetan bowls to purify your home with sound. Singing bowls can be magnificent objects of Feng shui decoration.

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The use of a Tibetan singing bowl has been recognized for centuries as a source of inner well-being. Often recommended for troubled people, the Tibetan singing bowl is an ideal feng shui object to let peace and serenity enter your home thanks to its harmonious, vibrating and intoned sounds.

- An authentic and deep sound: Its worked shape and the 7 metals used to make it give this bowl an acoustic that is unlike any other. Each bowl comes with a finely crafted wooden mallet for total immersion in your practice.

- Ideal in all circumstances: In the morning when you wake up, during your stretching, meditation or simply to let go of the tension in you after a long day. This bowl offers a feeling of intense relaxation wherever you are.

- Handcrafted: Our craftsman works each bowl by hand in his workshop. This choice of manufacturing assumes that you can now guarantee a unique Tibetan bowl that will not look like any other.

- Great gift idea For you or one of your loved ones, don't miss such a great opportunity to welcome serenity into your daily life.

Order your bowl now and enjoy its benefits in the next few days!

" My very first singing bowl and I am extremely happy with this find. Beautiful, it produces a very good sound. The bowl is a good size and the materials it is made of seem to be very solid since the bowl is quite heavy. Very pleasant to hold and to listen "Nadège T.

Its benefits

- Promotes a good balance between the two hemispheres of the brain.

- Promotes deep relaxation

- Helps to recover from illness or trauma

- Can improve the quality of sleep

- Increases the vital flow of energy (Qi)

- Promotes creativity and intuition

- Promotes the release of toxins

- Strengthens your immune system and reduces stress


According to tradition, Tibetan singing bowls are made of 7 metals:

- Silver symbolizes the Moon
- Gold symbolizes the Sun
- Copper symbolizes the planet Venus
- Tin symbolizes the planet Jupiter
- Iron symbolizes Mars
- Mercury symbolizes Mercury
- Lead symbolizes the planet Saturn

How to use your Tibetan singing bowl ?

The way to use your Tibetan bowl will depend on its diameter and weight. For singing bowls smaller than 20cm in diameter, it is recommended to hold it in the palm of the hand (left hand for right handed people and right hand for left handed people). For Tibetan bowls with a larger diameter (and therefore a weight often greater than 1kg), it is recommended to place them on the ground on a mat or a cushion.

The Tibetan bowls are real musical instruments and can be used according to several techniques.

By striking the singing bowls:

Singing bowls can be struck with a mallet. Just wait for the sound to gradually dissipate. This technique is easy to master and recommended for beginners.

Rubbing the singing bowls:

The most common technique used to make a Tibetan singing bowl sound is to rub the edge of the bowl with a mallet. The mallet must remain in constant contact with the singing bowl and the pressure must be as constant as possible with a regular movement.

What sounds according to the sizes of singing bowls?

Small singing bowls < 12 cm in diameter : These Tibetan bowls produce aigi sounds / These bowls are very easy to carry and transport and can be placed directly on the body parts during a treatment.

Medium sized singing bowls (between 12 and 20cm in diameter) : Very good balance between bass and aïgus / Bowls fit easily in the hand with great freedom of movement.

Large singing bowls > 20cm diameter : These singing bowls give slow and deep vibrations. A sense of well-being and soothing is produced almost instantly. These Tibetan bowls are powerful and can be used during meditation sessions or sonotherapy (care by sound)

Singing bowl sold alone without mallet. The mallet will be chosen according to the size of your singing bowl.

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