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Tongue scraper for a perfect hygiene. This copper tongue scraper is an essential accessory for good oral hygiene.

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Daily tongue cleansing is very common in Eastern culture and is part of ancestral practices.

Today, the West is rediscovering these secrets of well-being and beauty. Tongue cleaning is essential for good oral hygiene on a daily basis

100% effective, this copper tongue scraper offers a simple and ecological solution for your oral hygiene.

Characteristics :

  • Weight: 7.5g

  • Material: copper


  • Comfort : the cleaning will be done gently thanks to this tongue scraper

  • Efficiency: cleaning with a tongue scraper is much more effective than a toothbrush

  • Ecological: the tongue scraper does not require any additional product and remains reusable.

  • Easy to use: at home, in the office, in a hotel or in the desert, the tongue scraper will always be easy to use

Why is tongue cleaning essential?

The external surface of the tongue is made up of a multitude of dead cells, food debris and several hundred thousand bacteria as well as by-products such as sulfides directly from these bacteria

It is common to find a concentration of 100 bacteria per epithelial cell of the tongue which represents a very important number of bacteria. This debris and bacteria left on the tongue is one of the main causes of bad breath

When the papillae are covered with this residue, the sense of taste can also be affected. This unpleasant taste is increased when certain foods or beverages are consumed and add to this deposit already present on the surface of the tongue. It should also be noted that many people sleep with their mouths open, which can lead to this bad taste and a feeling of dryness of the mouth when they wake up in the morning. Cleaning the tongue with a toothbrush may slightly reduce this lingual deposit but will not be sufficient whereas a tongue scraper will be much more effective. You don't believe it? Try it and see for yourself: use your regular toothbrush to clean the surface of your tongue, then use the tongue scraper to see what residue remains after brushing the tongue.

How to use your tongue scraper?

Cleaning your tongue with a tongue scraper is very quick and easy. Place your tongue scraper at the level of your tongue, taking care not to go too far back on the tongue as this part of the tongue contains many important papillae.

Slide the tongue scraper forward by holding it with both hands, gently removing the deposit and residue. Rinse your tongue scraper under running water, then gently scrape each side of the tongue. It is not necessary to apply a lot of force, the operation is very gentle. Repeat the operation if necessary and then rinse your mouth with water. It is recommended to clean the tongue morning and evening when brushing your teeth.

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